Making Cross-Platform iPhone & Android Games – Don’t Get Left Behind! (Part 3)

Have you ever wanted to write one C++ game code base with a free game engine and deploy it to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac? We just wrapped up the new Cocos2d-X starter kit that shows you how.

The great news is that you can develop on whatever platform you like: Mac, Windows or Linux!

So we made the starter kit to show you the complete source code to a Cocos2d-X side-scrolling, platformer game. It includes all the C++ source code, project files for Xcode, Visual Studio and commandline make. You can download this new kit and compile it right now for whatever system you want, on whatever system you want.

Get the starter kit and learn how to make a game for Android, iPhone, Windows & Mac with Cocos2d-X.

One thing that’s neat about the build options is that the Android build scripts are all setup so you can be building in Xcode or Visual Studio, then switch to a terminal window and use the make command to start compiling for Android. Compiling for two platforms at once is sweet!

To make sure all the build scripts and every line of code compiles cleanly for all those platforms, we’ve made sure to test it on a wide array of systems and compilers. There’s a 2008 MacBook Pro here with Snow Leopard bootcamped with Windows XP SP3 and a newer MacBook Pro with Lion. A Samsung Galaxy S phone with Android OS 2.2, a 1st gen iPad and an iPhone 3GS are all attached. It’s as easy as a few keystrokes to start building and running for three platforms at once!

So we encourage you download the source code and project files for Paralaxer. We are running an introductory sale and you can get it for only $49 (regularly $79). You get lifetime updates and our 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, just email us for a full refund.

If you’re looking at buying some game source code with lifetime updates, this is one of the best deals you will ever find.

The Free, Online Cocos2d-X Book

The new Cocos2d-X book.

Did we mention that we are writing a new book? Yep.

Cocos2d-X is so awesome. However, it lacks in documentation. That’s one of the reasons we decided to make our new book about Cocos2d-X completely free and online.

We are currently adding chapters to the book on a weekly basis. The first chapter has been written. It’s called What is Cocos2d-X & Why is it One of the Best Free Game Engines?.

If you want to be notified when we release new chapters of the book, be sure to subscribe via email to our feed.

That’s all for now. We hope you dig the new Paralaxer project!


  1. Ks Lam

    Hi Nat,
    May u introduce more about the Paralaxer, like the RPG game engine. So far, I see ur webpage is talk about the Cocos2d-x, c++ and cross platform.

    Thank you.


    • Nat Weiss

      Yes, I will introduce more and more as time goes on. What subjects would you like to be talked about?

    • Cliff

      I would like to see isometric gameplay covered!

    • Ks Lam

      What I concern is the 2d sprite for the game engine. It is very hard to find the 2d sprite(free or non free for commercial use). It is unlike the Action-RPG game engine which bundle with Reiners’s sprite.

      1) May u recommend some of the website that sale the 2d sprite ?

      2) What is the map editor does Paralaxer use ?

      3) Any manual guide provided ?

      4) Is it cover how to create the ledges, collision detection and animation ?

      5) Is the game engine support blackberry ? (So far, I haven’t successfully compile Cocos2d-x’s Helloworld in blackberry Native Sdk)


    • Nat Weiss


      1) Paralaxer comes with the sprite bundle just like the action-rpg engine. There are also other places you can look for sprites. Try this:

      2) The map editor Paralaxer uses is Tiled.

      3) Yes, there is a PDF book that is work in progress. A new chapter is being added on a weekly basis.

      4) It will eventually cover all these topics, yes.

      5) It looks like yes, you can compile Cocos2d-X for Blackberry but it is not yet well tested. See here:

  2. Tomas

    Hi, now i am so sorry that this comment is not related to the topic, but i am currently 13 and this christmas i will be buying a mac and would love to start to learn to script and make idevice games. The thing is, i have absolutely no computer experience and what i need to know is this : will the kit entitles “iphone game creation for beginners” teach me what i need to know in order to buy the RPGcreation kit afterwards or do i need to go learn scripting before getting either of them? Thanks heaps

    • Nat Weiss

      Tomas, the short answer is “yes.” The iPhone Game Creation for Beginners kit was written for people who are interested in making games, but haven’t learned to program or script yet. It will walk you through the basics of understanding object oriented programming with Objective C (a neat, elegant and simple language to start with). It will also teach you the basics of Cocos2d, game programming fundamentals and help you strategize to make your own game.

      Though, I must warn you. You’ve got to be a go-getter. If you expect the book included in the beginners kit (or any book for that matter) to teach you everything, then you will be disappointed. You’ve got to love creating, be enthusiastic about learning and pour extra time into learning the things that the book can’t teach. In other words, you’re going to need experience and perseverance.

      I too started out young. My first game was built at the age of 14 and I had zero previous programming experience. You can do it!

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