Wizard Fu Games

Wizard Fu is a game development studio based in Portland, Oregon led by programmer, designer, artist & musician, Nathanael Weiss. The latest game in development is Wraithbinder, an action roguelite with Metroidvania inspired ability-based progression & online multiplayer set in the Songbringer universe. Publishing by Double Eleven. You might be interested in Wizard_fu's press kit, Twitter feed, live streams or Youtube channel.

Possible Facts from Wizard Fu's History

The developer behind Wizard Fu is Nathanael Weiss. He began sketching games in the gravel on the playground, sharing his excitement with friends. His first game, released in 1995, was programmed in C, typed in via the command-line edit application and compiled for MS-DOS. Back then, 640 by 480 pixels at 256 colors was the norm and it was fun to play a trick called color palette swapping.

In 2010, Nat developed the iPhone Game Kit which included the source code to an RPG called Quexlor Lite built with cocos2d iphone, a checkers game called Monster Checkers, a PDF book explaining how to make games for the beginner and a royalty-free isometric artwork package. Later, the iPhone Game Kit was split into two specific game kits: one for beginners, and one for RPG lovers.

Later on was the launch of a community game project where forum members helped contribute spritesheets, artificial intelligence, sound effects, music and beta testing. The community project produced the game Quexlor: Lands of Fate, an RPG with a sword-wielding barbarian king as the main character. Quexlor: LoF is available on the app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Recently created is Songbringer, an action RPG with pixel art graphics and procedural worlds. And currently in development is Wraithbinder, an action roguelike with Metroidvania elements and online multiplayer set in the Songbringer universe.