Wizard Fu Games is a one-man indie game development studio based in Oakland, California. Nathanael Weiss does the programming, design, art, music and business. Wizard Fu's current game in development is Songbringer, a procedurally-generated action RPG. Plans are to release the game summer of 2017 on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.


The company that eventually would become Wizard Fu Games was founded in 1995 by Nathanael Weiss with the release of a science fiction puzzle game for MS-DOS. At the age of fifteen Nat tried to self-publish the game. No great success came then, though a deep passion for the high art form of game development was born. Years later -- after a stint in business software development, -- Wizard Fu Games was born.



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    • "Nathanael Weiss over at WizardFu Games does a solid job of live streaming the creation of his roguelike, Songbringer."
      - Alexis Santos, Binpress
    • "Amazingly, Songbringer is the work of one man..."
      - Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer

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