Hero Bash: the party moba!

Today I have some exciting news! Hero Bash — the Cocos2d-X-powered MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game Kristopher and I have been working on the last year — is now available in a test market! If you happen to be a resident of Canada, here’s the link to download the game from the Apple App Store (it’s free) for iOS. It will be coming out everywhere else quite soon! We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this one. The amount of programming and art time it took to pull off this game with only a two man team, if it were weighed in pounds, would certainly seesaw a giant gorilla.

Here’s a funny screenshot of Hero Bash (it was then tentatively titled Awesome Heroes Arena) back when we didn’t yet know how big the characters should be:

Old screenshot of Hero Bash

It’s funny because in that screenshot Dr Biceps is super tiny compared to how he looks currently. That was way back when we had barely gotten the networking going. Check out the game now:

New screenshot of Hero Bash: the party moba

It’s come a long ways! So if you’re Canadian, grab the game now and climb the PvP trophy charts before anyone else! And if you’re not, we’ll soon be available in your country as well. See you in the arena!

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