Games by Wizard Fu


An Action Roguelite RPG with Metroidvania ability-based progression from the creator of Songbringer. Each run you build a different sequence of weapons, abilities and relics. Keep your armor, stats and gold across runs. Play offline solo, online co-op or online PvP.

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Imagine if the original Zelda game was set in a science-fiction galaxy. Explore this open-world, action RPG with roguelike and metroidvania elements. Mighty bosses lurk deep within procedurally-generated dungeons. Wield, vanquish, unearth, collect, craft, progress, trip, adventure.

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Hero Bash

A free-to-play MOBA / hero brawler for iOS supporting up to 8 players in realtime online multiplayer arena combat.

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Quexlor: Lands of Fate

A retro action-RPG built collaboratively by a group of 40+ developers. Released in early 2011 for iOS.

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Games by Others

Isles of Min


Breakout Zero

Rugby League Legends

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