Hero Bash is a free-to-play MOBA / hero brawler for iOS supporting up to 8 players in realtime online multiplayer arena combat. What makes Hero Bash unique is that there are no towers and little blue guys make for a capture-the-flag dynamic.
Available on the App Store
Hero Bash is easy to play! Choose a hero. Find exciting presents. Impress some fans. Defeat your foes!
Mighty Heroes:
Thorny Dr Biceps Jelly Ice Pixie Taffy Baha Cosmo
Current hero's bio image
Thorny & Dr Biceps have a conversation.  Thorny: We're here to tell you all about this great new Party MOBA called Hero Bash!  Dr Biceps: What's a Party Moba?  Thorny: It's a game where you get a bunch of heroes together.  Dr Bicpes:  Gulp!  I'm in the back?!?  Thorny: Then we bring a bunch of presents.  Dr Biceps: Presents!  I love presents!  Thorny: Presents give you one time special moves.  Just watch out for whammies.  Dr Biceps: I want the fans to love me!  Thorny: Then you take sides and battle for the love of these fans!  Dr Biceps: But why are we doing this?  Multiple Heroes: To be the best in the world!
v34 - Jan 24, 2015

* Faster matches!
* Improved new player experience

v33 - Oct 10, 2014

New Hero: 
* Fanboy the Master of Disguise
- Lucky Day: doubles luck!
- Free Presents: who doesn’t like free presents?
- Phone a Friend: call a fan to help out!

New Map: 
* The Starlight Arena!

General Gameplay:
* Teleport item now teleports short distances
* Lune executes abilities more reliably now
* Boom does more damage with abilities
* Dr B’s Pose is now more effective and stylish
* Characters now correctly run away instead of turning around
* Characters can still use abilities while being knocked around
* More gold is given after completing matches
* When luck happens, text lets you know!

v32 - Jul 2, 2014

* Fixed an issue with Valin's Castle on iPhones

v31 - May 14, 2014

* New icon & other minor graphics changes
* More good presents than whammies now!

v30 - Mar 26, 2014

* New Hero: Valin the Shield Knight
* Cosmo's Doppleganger shoots energy balls more frequently
* Fixed a bug that allowed Boom's Bear to occasionally damage allies

v29 - Jan 15, 2014

* Heroes now enjoy pizza & beer!
* Lots of new juicy effects!
* Fixed a bug which could cause an arena to load with the wrong boundaries

v28 - Jan 4, 2014

* Added a second arena!
* Additional coins and gems are awarded on level up when you have a coin multiplier!
* Added button to watch Kamcord replays to the main menu
* Properly cancels auto-attack after awhile
* Fixed bug which could display "low on coins/gems" during matches

v27 - Nov 19, 2013

* Smoother PvP & co-op play
* Friends screen shows when your friends are online
* Better notifications when your friends are playing matches
* Tutorial is easier for non-English players
* Fixed a bug where upgrading your attributes in a PvP or co-op match wouldn't "stick"

v26 - Nov 7, 2013

Overall Changes

* Friends screen! Become friends with others to customize your notifications and also make it easier to play matches together
* Replays! Share your game replay with friends via Kamcord
* Smarter bots! Scout mode, buddy-up mode, avoiding whammies and using abilities more intelligently
* Added support for displaying player names in multiple languages
* Updated songs, sounds and ambience

Gameplay Changes

* Jelly:
- Decreased cast range of Seduce and Broken Heart by 50%.
- Decreased invisibility time from 6s to 5s and increased cool down to 26s up from 22s.

* Lune: 
- Increased damage of her jump from 3/4 heart to 1 full heart.
- Increased damage of her kick from 1/4 heart to 1/2 heart.
- Increased damage of her spear from 1/4 heart to 1/2 heart.

* Boom:
- Increased damage for the Spirit Wolf from 1/4 heart to 1 full heart.
- Increased damage for the Spirit Bear from 1/4 heart to 3/4 heart.

* Baha: 
- Reduced the area of effect for the VooDoo ground by 20%.

* Propeller: 
- Increased knock back range by 20%.

v25 - Oct 22, 2013

* Overtimes! Stretching for that win?? Send the match into overtime! 
* Added two new songs that play during matches! 
* New voices for Lune and Boom! 
* Fixed a bug which could cause laggy multiplayer matches 
* Fixed a connectivity issue 

v23 - Oct 2, 2013

* New hero - Lune!
* Bonus coins awarded on levelup!
* New levelup screen shows you everything you've gained
* Minor fixes and tweaks

v21 - Aug 21, 2013

* Initial public release