Quexlor: Lands of Fate

Quexlor: Lands of Fate is an action RPG built as a community collaboration. Nearly fifty people contributed levels, sprites, AI, sounds and music. Special thanks to stahlmanDesign, CyberGreg, Mow-Mow, Renegade, juancasanueva, leathalChicken, Britney Johnson, Philip Bacchi, Tim Jaroch, Enrique Molano and Eric Vasquez.

Play as Quexlor the barbarian king. Journey back to an age without rules, where might was right and magic skeletons walked the earth. Destroy the gigantic dragon lord Nain.

Wield the broadsword to take down your enemies. Find magical throwing axes, a power bracer to demolish rocks and a ring that gives you superhuman stomping powers. Eat hunks of meat to increase your overall life force.

Explore four major areas, including the forest, marshlands, caverns, and mountains.

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