Wizard Fu's Cocos2dx Platformer Game Engine v1.0.1


See the file LICENSE for the license governing this code.

TitleScene displays the game’s title and provides a simple menu with options to start a new single-player game, load an existing single-player save game slot, play multiplayer and edit options.

#pragma once
#include "Headers.h"

class TitleScene : public Scene
		virtual ~TitleScene();

Updates the scene.

		virtual void update(float delta);

Create an auto-released copy of TitleScene.

		static TitleScene* create();


		typedef Scene super;
		typedef TitleScene self;
		Sprite* title, *version, *cursor;
		Layer* window;
		double lastInputTime;
		double startGameTime;
		Menu* menu;
		struct Choice
			string text;
			function<void (Ref*)> callback;
			Label* label = nullptr;
			MenuItem* menuItem = nullptr;
			Size textSize;
		vector<Choice> choices;
		int currentChoice;
		void showMainMenu();
		void showSaveGameMenu();
		void showMultiplayerMenu();
		void showSettingsMenu();
		void startGame();
		void showMenu();
		void hideMenu(float duration);
		void moveCursor();