Wizard Fu's Cocos2dx Platformer Game Engine v1.0.1


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LevelObject > Character

Character represents a LevelObject that has hitpoints. Characters are alive. They can take damage, react and become invincible for a time.

#pragma once
#include "Headers.h"

class Character : public LevelObject
		virtual const char* const profileName()=0;
		virtual ~Character();

Set properties for this character.

		virtual void setProperties(Level& level, ValueMap& dict);

Create the character’s physical body.

		virtual void createBody(Physics& physics, void* userData);

Adds fixtures to the character’s physical body.

		virtual void createFixtures();

Return true if the character is alive.

		virtual bool isAlive();

Return true if the character is invincible.

		virtual bool isInvincible() const;

React by setting a velocity and duration during which the character cannot be controlled. Used to create “knock back” effects. Duration is controlled via the member reactionDuration.

		virtual void react(const Vec2& velocity);

Return true if the character is reacting.

		virtual bool isReacting() const;

Take damage from the given LevelObject. The object is queried for how much damage it deals.

		void takeDamage(LevelObject* o);

Called when the character’s hitpoints have reached zero.

		virtual void die();

Used to disable the character. Called when the character dies and also when the level is loaded and it is determined that the character is already dead.

		virtual void disable();

Tick and animate the character.

		virtual void tick(float delta);
		virtual void animate(float delta);

Protected / Private


How much health this character has.

		GETTER_SETTER(int, hp, HP);

The maximum amount of health this character can have.

		GETTER_SETTER(int, maxHP, MaxHP);

The amount of time the character is invincible after taking damage.

		GETTER_SETTER(double, invincibleDuration, InvincibleDuration);

Start of invincibility time.

		double invincibleStartTime;

Timer for reaction (character not meant to change velocity during reaction).

		float reactionTimer;

Duration for reaction.

		float reactionDuration;

		typedef LevelObject super;
		typedef Character self;
		bool dead;

Class hierarchy