Wizard Fu’s Game Source Kits

The Ultimate Cocos2d-x Platformer Engine

A cross-platform, parallaxing game engine based on cocos2dx. Includes procedural level generation, scripting, dynamic texturing, realtime multiplayer, virtual economy (in-app purchase) and all the basics like moving platforms, boxes, slopes, water, ladders and artificial intelligence. Write your game code in C++ and level scripts in Javascript. Games built with this kit can be deployed to iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and any of the other platforms supported by cocos2d-x.
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Action-RPG Engine Code & Tutorial

Create your own RPG, RTS, action or adventure game with this source kit. Learn how to manage tilemaps, characters, AI and more. This kit includes a flexible RPG engine built on cocos2d iphone (now called cocos2d swift), along with a sample RPG project called Quexlor Lite. Also included is a PDF ebook tutorial and bonus royalty-free art package. Written in Objective C, games built with this kit can be deployed to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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iPhone Game Creation for Beginners

This game source kit is a hands-on introduction to making games for the absolute beginner. No programming experience is required. The included PDF book walks you through all the basics of how to code with Objective C and will familiarize you with the tools you need to develop an iPhone game. It includes source code and Xcode project files to a simple checkers game built with cocos2d iphone (now cocos2d swift). Also included is documentation, a game template project, support and a bonus artwork package to start your own creation. Games built with this kit can be deployed to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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Recommended Game Kits 

Space Game Starter Kit

Full source code and tutorials for creating a side-scrolling space shooter game for the iPhone & iPad!
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Angry Ninjas Starter Kit

Game source code and two hours of video tutorials on how to make a slingshot-style game like Angry Birds!
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